College counsels workers on regular medical examination

Staff of Adeyemi College of Education ( ACE) Ondo, have been advised to pay
more attention to their health status, by undertaking regular medical
examination, in order not to fall victim of premature or sudden death.

This advice was given recently by a team of medical practitioners who
delivered papers at a one-day health talk organised by the College
Directorate of Medical Services for staff of the College, on Thursday May
31, 2018 in the institution.

Speaking on a topic entitled: " COMBATING SUDDEN CARDIAC DEATH", a medical
practitioner from the Ondo State Specialist hospital, Akure, the capital of
Ondo State, Dr. Adenike Enikuomehin expressed serious concern on what she
observed as the prevalent of incidence of sudden death in contemporary
society noting that heart attack which is one of the causes of such death
occurs, when "blood supply to the brain is disrupted ".

She listed some symptoms of heart attack to include chest pain, shortness
of breath, sweating, nausea, vomiting as well as dizziness, weakness of the
body, jaw, neck, pains in the shoulder and irregular heart beat.

Speaking further on factors that could bring heart attack, the medical
expert, listed them as including dehydration, emotional stress, engaging in
strenuous physical activities, waking during the night among others.

Describing Stroke as another serious health challenge that could cause
sudden death, Dr Enikuomehin said "it ( stroke) occurs when flow of blood
is disrupted to the brain ". She listed symptoms of stroke to include
sudden numbness in the body, dizziness, loss of balance, speech disruption,
severe headache among others.

Also in his presentation, a Consultant Cardiologist at the Obafemi Awolowo
University, Ile- Ife, Osun state, Associate Prof. Olufemi Ajayi, described
sudden cardiac death as "natural death heralded by abrupt loss of
consciousness within one hour of onset of acute change in cardiovascular
status on individual ".

Stressing the need for people to seek urgent medical attention, whenever  they
discover any change in their body system, the medical expert said this was
necessary as most " sudden deaths are caused by the inability of people to
respond to messages from their body system  and refusal to go for regular
checks of their health status as at when due".

He also spoke on Hypertension which he described as "one of the  most
common cause of stroke and diabetes and warned that the disease  which has
no age limit  could cause sudden death" if not given the required attention.

The medical expert further warned against indiscriminate drug purchase and
abuse and advised anyone battling with health challenge to always seek
services of qualified medical personnel saying "if we take our health
seriously, we are not likely to die young".

The Consultant Cardiologist also stressed the need for people to engage in
regular physical exercise and shun cigarette smoking  which he said could
cause " increase in  fat deposit  in the arteries, clotting of blood  and
eventual damage  of vital organs of the body such as the liver and kidney ".

Also in his presentation, the Chief Medical Director, Kidney Health Centre
Ondo city, Dr. Akinwumi Akinbodewa while delivering a paper entitled: "
people to create time for relaxation in their work places. He also stressed
the need for them to shun consumption of alcohol, tobacco smoking and
eating of junk food, which he said could lead to obesity, thereby
increasing their risk of having liver and infertility problems".
While stressing the importance of regular medical checkups, the Consultant
Nephrologist said this was necessary in other for people to overcome
stress, fatigue, exhaustion and overwork in their places of assignments.
Earlier in her paper delivery entitled: " COMBATING SUDDEN CARDIAC DEATH
Miss Abiola Lamidi emphasised the importance of food to human beings and
advised every individuals to give  " adequate attention to the type of food
they eat and the time they eat the food".
In addition she also spoke on the advantages of eating vegetables but
warned on the dangers of red meat which could be found in meat of animals
such as cow, pork and goat saying their consumption could be dangerous
because of high concentration of cholesterol.
On the type of meat suitable for the body, she suggested the consumption of
meat rich in low cholesterol such as chicken, turkey, snail and  crayfish
as well as fruits saying their regular intake would " make  us healthy and
help us to keep doctors away".
While equally warning people against the use of food supplement, the food
specialist emphasized the need for regular drinking of water, use of herbs
and spices as well as engaging in regular exercise stating that the step
would go a long way in curbing incidence of sudden death.
The event which held at the Obongawan Grace Ekong Lecture theatre was
attended by the Deputy Provost, Dr Samuel Akintunde; Registrar, Mrs.
Olufisayo Fakorede; Bursar, Mr Ganiyu Abdul ; Acting Librarian, Mr. Akinade
Also present were Director Medical Services,  Ondo, Dr. Adekunle Ogunmosin;
Deans and Directors, Heads of Departments and Units including the
Information and Public Relations, Provost Office, Centre for Information
Technology (CET) among others.